For Foreigner lived in Japan.

Is it difficult to choose a dental clinic in Japan? Choosing a dental clinic in an unfamiliar place can be difficult.

We welcome you to come to our clinic. We have English-speaking doctors. We also have some foreign patients. We will kindly respond to those who do not speak English:)

Regular checkups at the dentist’s office are an important opportunity to check the condition of your oral health. Regular checkups allow for the early detection and prevention of problems such as tooth decay and gum disease!

We recommend regular checkups at an appropriate frequency for each patient. During the checkups, we examine the surface condition of the teeth and the presence of periodontal disease, and we perform x-rays if necessary.

Depending on the patient’s oral condition, necessary procedures such as the removal of dental plaque and tartar and fluoride application will also be performed. These procedures will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, as well as maintain good dental health!

And by evaluating not only the health of the teeth but also the overall oral health of our patients, we think from the mouth to the health of the whole body to maintain the health of our patients!

Our clinic is by appointment only. Please make an appointment through our website first. It would be easier if you wrote about your symptoms and treatment preferences.

We hope to see you soon!!

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